New Cytokine Assay Kits

Eagle Biosciences is excited to announce a new line of cytokine assays!

About Cytokines

Cytokines are a cornerstone of any study that deals with inflammation. Cytokine profiles as a whole and the relative abundance of one cytokine, and the endogenous inhibitors, define an inflammatory process that is in motion. Specific cytokines of interest include interleukins, interferons, chemokins, and members of the tumor necrosis factor and TGF beta super families.

Cytokine sandwich ELISA are sensitive enzyme immunoassays that can specifically detect and quantitate the concentration of soluble cytokine and chemokine proteins. They allow researchers to study the complicated physiological and pathological roles of cytokines in systemic inflammatory reactions, and accurately measure the levels of specific cytokines under physiological and pathological conditions which can provide valuable insight into the changes associated with different disease states.

Our Available Cytokine Assays

Human IL-4 ELISA Assay Kit
Human IL-6 High Sensitivity ELISA Assay Kit
Human IL-10 ELISA Assay Kit
Mouse IL-4 ELISA Assay Kit
Mouse IL-8 ELISA Assay Kit
Mouse IL-12 ELISA Assay Kit
Rat IFN-gamma ELISA Assay Kit
Rat IL-2 ELISA Assay Kit
Rat IL-4 ELISA Assay Kit
Rat IL-8 ELISA Assay Kit
Rat IL-10 ELISA Assay Kit
Rat IL-12/P40 ELISA Assay Kit
Angiopoietin-2 ELISA Assay Kit

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