About Us

Providing the best possible products for your needs

Since 2010, Eagle Biosciences has been providing the highest quality and best value immunoassays, antibodies, and proteins available on the market. There are many suppliers of ELISAs and other assays and hundreds of thousands of products to choose from, but EagleBio only offers products that deliver the maximum level of performance and provide reliable and trusted results.

  • Provide products from over 20 manufacturers
  • Majority of products sourced from North America and Europe
  • Access thousands of products – our website is just a snippet of our offering
  • Products selected based on precision, accuracy and sensitivity needed for confident results

A level of service no one can surpass

Our number one priority is to supply the best possible product for your specific needs and objectives. There are thousands of products online that may or may not offer any value to your lab. We are here to help you make sense of the available products and guide you to the right solution, whether it is ours or not.

We are knowledgeable, efficient, and welcoming and pride ourselves on providing superior customer service. When you call EagleBio, you are not just speaking to a random customer service call center. If you have questions that we are unable answer from a scientific perspective, we can facilitate a discussion between you and the lab scientist who developed the specific assay. No one else provides our level of service.

Remember, if you do not see what you need on our website or need help with a project, reach out to us at info@eaglebio.com or complete our contact form. We are here for you and will do everything possible to make it a pleasant purchasing experience for you.

A trusted partner

Unlike other companies, Eagle Biosciences is 100% transparent with both our customers and suppliers. When our research and clinical lab customers come to us, they know they will get an open and honest answer, and our suppliers are never left in the dark. Our approach has been a huge success, as our business has seen tremendous growth, mostly from our wonderful repeat customers.

Give us a call, we are eager to help!