iLite® FGF-21 Assay Ready Cells


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iLite® FGF-21 Assay Ready Cells :

  • The iLite® FGF-21 Assay Ready Cells can be used for the quantification of the functional activity of FGF-21 or the neutralizing antibody response against FGF-21 in samples including human serum.  The iLite® FGF-21 Assay Ready Cells can be used in an assay for the quantification of the potency of analogues of human FGF21, the potency of FGFR1c antagonists or a neutralizing antibody response against such products in human serum in the absence of serum matrix effects.
  • Content:  >250 µL of Assay Ready Cells diluted in DMEM with 20% heat inactivated fetal bovine serum (FBS), mixed 1:1 with cryoprotective medium from Lonza (Cat. No 12-132A)..
  • Storage:  -80°C, Cells should be used within 30 min of thawing.
  • Application notes for the following assays are available:

Product Developed and Manufactured by EuroDiagnostica
For Research Use Only


Human fibroblast growth factor 21 (FGF21) is a member of a family of the atypical fibroblast growth factors that include FGF19 and FGF23 in man. FGF21 lacks the heparin-binding domain of conventional FGFs and can consequently diffuse throughout the body and function as a hormone. FGF21 stimulates glucose uptake in adipocytes and the effects on glucose uptake is additive with insulin (1). The iLite® FGF21 Assay Ready Cells are a genetically engineered reporter gene cell line responsive to FGF21 by specific and proportional expression of Firefly Luciferase. The receptor chain FGFR1c is overexpressed on the surface together with the co-factor β-Klotho which has been genetically optimized to enhance sensitivity. Normalization of cell counts and serum matrix effects is obtained by a second reporter gene, a Renilla Luciferase reporter gene construct, under the control of a constitutive promotor.


Why Choose the iLite® FGF-21 Assay Ready Cells?

  • iLite technology employs the cells’ inherent signaling pathways – a true model of cellular events
  • Assay Ready Cells – no culturing required!
  • Highly reproducible between batches
  • Normalization gene allows for consistent results
  • iLite® FGF21 Assay Ready Cells are based on the human embryonic kidney cell line, HEK293 (ATCC# CRL-1573), and have been genetically engineered and optimized to be responsive to human FGF21 and analogues of human FGF21 by specific and proportional expression of Firefly Luciferase.

The Eagle Bio iLite assay ready cells are designed for the specific detection of drug potency in serum/plasma as well as neutralizing antibodies. They utilize an assay technique called reporter gene assay ( RPG ) to analyze serum/plasma samples. The reporter genes utilized are encoded with bioluminescent luciferase (Firefly luciferase). Different levels of luminescence detected from each reporter gene cell indicates different levels of expression. 

Key Benefits of the iLite® Assay Ready Cells:

  • Highly specific reporter gene cell lines
  • Very sensitive cell line responses (>10 fold inductions)
  • Assay Ready Cells – ready-to-use from the freezer, without culturing of cells
  • Assays within a workday (typically 4-7 hour assays)
  • Normalization gene, which eliminates unwanted matrix effects