iLite® FGF-21 Activity Assays

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iLite® FGF-21 Assay Ready Cells

The iLite® FGF21 Assay Ready Cells can be used in an assay for the quantification of the potency of analogues of human FGF21, the potency of FGFR1c antagonists or a neutralizing antibody response against such products in human serum in the absence of serum matrix effects.

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Key benefits of iLite® FGF-21 Assay Ready Cells:

  • Unparalleled sensitivity (>10 fold inductions)
  • Highly specific reporter gene cell lines
  • Normalization read-out included
  • Negative control available for screening of unspecific activity
  • Easy to use – ready-to-use from the freezer, without culturing of cells


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