SpheroTribe provides a complete toolkit for generating reproducible 3D cell structures (spheroids, organoids) without restrictions of cell type. SpheroTribe is for research use only and should not be used for diagnostic procedures.

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SpheroTribe was developed and manufactured in France by Idylle Labs

Kit description: 1 vial of 50 µL of a SpheroRuler suspension in PBS pH7.4.
Concentration: 7.10exp8 particles per mL.
Stability: up to 7 months when stored at 4°C.
Dye: 647-fluorophore (far-red fluorescence).
Compatible with: dSTORM, SRRF, Airyscan confocal, confocal, SEM

Allows 10 experiments when using the recommended 5µL volume in 35mm glass-bottom dishes.

What is it intended for?

SpheroTribe provides a simple toolkit to generate consistent and robust 3D cell structures. Simply dilute the SpheroTribe solution into your culture medium of choice, watch your cells turn into uniformly sized 3D spheroids and collect them for your downstream assays.

Once diluted in your culture medium of choice, our concentrated polymer-based solution increases the medium viscosity favouring cell-cell contacts. SpheroTribe offers a simple method to generate homogeneous 3D cell structures with increased control over their size and shape, which can be easily handled and washed for downstream experiments.

SpheroTribe is particularly useful to boost aggregation when working with challenging cells, minimize variability between samples and improve the consistency of your migration/invasion assays, immunostaining, drug screening or in vivo implantation experiments.

U-87 glioblastoma cells were seeded at 1,000 cells per well in round-bottom wells molded in agarose using a Stampwell U-shape (Idylle) in full culture medium without (right) or added with SpheroTribe (left). After 3 days, pictures were taken and number of cell aggregates per well were quantified from 64 independent wells and associated standard deviation (SD) values were calculated.


  1. Cell aggregation booster: SpheroTribe provides a gel-like scaffold that favors cell-cell contacts by increasing medium viscosity. It was shown to generate compact spheroids mimicking solid tumors, improve spheroid formation with some of the most challenging cells and to speed up stem cell-derived organoid formation.
  2. Increased homogeneity: By maximizing cell aggregation, SpheroTribe promotes the formation of unique & uniformly sized spheroids allowing for consisten assays (growth, invasion, immune infiltration, >in vivo injection, etc.)
  3. Easy to use: No need to work on ice, have access to sophisticated equipment of expertise. With SpheroTribe, you have everything on hand to easily grow & handle your spheroids.
  4. Universal: The SpheroTribe solution is composed of methycelluslose, a biologically inert compound dissolved in basal culture medium without any proteins, lipids or growth factors. You can dilute it in any culture medium of your choice, and add additional compounds as desired (i.e. serum, antibiotics, differentiation factors, etc).

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