Anti-Human C4d Antibody (FITC)


The Anti-Human C4d FITC Antibody will identify human complement split product C4d. It is suggested to be a valuable marker for humoral rejection of transplants (kidney, heart, lung). The Anti-Human C4d Antibody (FITC) is for research use only and not to be used for diagnostic procedures.

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Anti-Human C4d Antibody (FITC)

The Anti-Human C4d Antibody (FITC) is Developed and Manufactured in Austria by Biomedica

Quantity: 100 µl/vial
Source: Rabbit Polyclonal
Form: Liquid IgG fraction, purified by protein G chromatography. The antibody was conjugated with FITC under optimum conditions. The solution is free of unconjugated FITC.
Immunogen: Synthetic peptide (15-mer peptide corresponding to aa 1242-1256 of C4) specific for human complement split product C4d coupled to KLH (keyhole limpet hemocyanine).
Specificity: The antibody identifies human complement split product C4d. It specifically reacts with the C4d domain of C4 and therefore also binds to C4 and other C4d-containing split products.
Shelf Life: 2 years from production at –20°C to –80°C.
For Research Use Only

Scientific Background

Circulating alloantibodies encounter the grafted endothelium as the first target. Living endothelial cells can rapidly eliminate bound antibodies from the cell surface by “capping”, “shedding” or “internalisation”.

C4d is the degradation product of the activated complement factor C4, a component of the classical complement cascade, which is typically initiated by binding of antibodies to specific target molecules. Detection of C4d is regarded as an indirect sign, a “footprint” of an antibody response against the allograft. The majority of publications describe C4d as an important biomarker in kidney transplantation but also in heart, liver, and other transplants

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