proANP ELISA Assay Kit


The Eagle Biosciences proANP (1-98) ELISA Assay KIT(enzyme-linked immunoassay kit) is intended for the quantitative determination of human, mouse, or rat proANP(1-98) in EDTA plasma, heparin plasma, serum, urine or cell culture supernatants. The proANP (1-98) ELISA Assay KIT is for research use only and not to be used in diagnostic procedures.

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proANP ELISA Assay Kit

For Research Use Only

Size: 1×96 wells
Sensitivity: 0.05 nmol/L
Dynamic Range: 0.63 – 10 nmol/L
Incubation Time: 3.5 hours
Sample Type: plasma, urine, serum or cell culture supernatant
Sample Size: 10 µL
Species: Human, Mouse, Rat

Controls Included

Product Developed and Manufactured in Austria by Biomedica

Additional Information

Assay Background

Atrial natriuretic peptide is synthesized in atrial myocytes and is stored in secretory granules as a 126 amino acid prohormone. The most important stimulus for the release of the hormone into circulation is stretch of the myocyte fibres. On release the prohormone is split into equimolar amounts of the highly biologically active proANP (99-126), also known as a-ANP, and the N-terminal part proANP (1-98). a-ANP is rapidly cleared from the circulation with a half-life of 3-4 minutes. proANP (1-98) has a much longer half-life (60-120 min) which leads to significantly higher concentrations in blood compared to a-ANP. Thus, circulating levels of proANP (1-98) are less sensitive to the pulsatile secretion of ANP and may better reflect chronic levels of ANP secretion than the rapidly fluctuating levels of a-ANP. proANP is discussed as valuable marker for e.g. sepsis (Increased plasma levels of NT-proANP and NT-proBNP as markers of cardiac dysfunction in septic patients. Hoffmann U. et al., Clin. Lab. 2005;51 (7-8):373-9), or risk stratification in heart failure (Neurohormonal risk stratification for sudden death and death owing to progressive heart failure in chronic heart failure. (Berger R. et al, European Journal of Clinical Investigation, 2005, 35 (1), 24-31)

Assay Principle

  1. All reagents and samples must be at room temperature (18-26°C) before use in the proANP (1-98) ELISA Assay Kit.
  2. Mark position for BLANK/STD/SAMPLE/CTRL (Blank/Standard/Sample/Control) on the protocol sheet.
  3. Take microtiter strips out of the bag, take a minimum of one well as Blank. Store unused strips with desiccant at 2-8°C in the bag. Strips are stable until expiry date stated on the label.
  4. Add 10 µl STD/SAMPLE/CTRL (Standards/Sample/Control) in duplicate into respective wells, except blank.
  5. Add 200 µl CONJ (Conjugate) into each well except blank, swirl gently.
  6. Cover tightly and incubate for 3 hrs at room temperature (18-26°C) in the dark.
  7. Aspirate and wash wells 5x with 300 µl diluted WASHBUF (Wash buffer), remove remaining WASHBUF by hitting plate against paper towel after the latest wash.
  8. Add 200 µl SUB (Substrate) into each well.
  9. Incubate for 30 min at room temperature (18-26°C) in the dark.
  10. Add 50 µl STOP (Stop solution) into each well.
  11. Measure absorbance immediately at 450 nm with reference 620 nm, if available.

The assay also detects mouse and rat proANP (1-98)


Product Manual



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