iLite hCG Assay Ready Cells


The Eagle Bioscience’s iLite hCG Assay Ready Cells are intended for the quantification of hCG activity or neutralizing antibody response against hCG in test samples, including human serum. The iLite hCG Assay Ready Cells are for research use only and not to be used for diagnostic procedures.

iLite hCG Assay Ready Cells

iLite hCG Assay Ready Cells are Developed and Manufactured by Svar Life Science

The Eagle Biosciences iLite hCG Assay Ready Cells are intended for:

  • Quantification of hCG activity
  • Determination of neutralizing antibodies against hCG in test samples, including human serum.

Content: >250 µL of Assay Ready Cells suspended in cryoprotective medium from Amsbio.

Receipt and Storage: Upon receipt confirm that adequate dry ice is present, and the cells are frozen. Immediately transfer to -80°C storage. Cells should be stored at -80°C (do not store at any other temperature) and are stable as supplied until the expiry date shown. Cells should be used within 30 min of thawing and should be diluted immediately after thawing – note that delayed addition of the diluted cell suspension to the plate might cause a shift in EC50 value.

For Research Use Only

Key Benefits of iLite Assays

  • Highly specific reporter gene cell lines
  • Very sensitive cell line responses (10 fold inductions)
  • Assay Ready Cells – ready-to-use from the freezer, without culturing of cells
  • Assays within a workday (typically 4-7 hour assays)
  • Normalization gene, which eliminates unwanted matrix effects

Product Description

The iLite hCG Assay Ready Cells are human embryonic kidney HEK2931 cells that have been genetically engineered and optimized to be responsive to human chronic gonadoptroption (hCG), resulting in a proportional expression of Firefly Luciferase. Normalization of cell counts and serum matrix effects is obtained by a second reporter gene, a Renilla Luciferase reporter gene construct, under control of a constitutive promotor.

[1] The HEK-293 cell line has been used under a license obtained from AdVec Inc.

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Product Manual

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Additional Information


Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) is a heterodimeric glycoprotein hormone. The larger beta subunit is specific for hCG while the smaller alpha subunit is identical to the alpha subunit of luteinizing hormone (LH), follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH). Both hCG and LH binds to the common G-protein-coupled transmembrane Lutropin-choriogonadotropin hormone receptor (LHCGR), present mainly in ovary and testis, but also in uterus and breast (1). In men and non-pregnant women, hCG levels are low, but at the beginning of pregnancy, hCG is upregulated which stimulates the production of progesterone in the corpus luteum. In addition, hCG has been found to be expressed by several tumors, influencing tumor formation and metastatic growth, and therefore been suggested as a prognostic biomarker in certain malignancies (2). Clinically, gonadotropins are part of fertility treatments, hCG is provided under several brand names ex., Pregnyl, Ovitrelle and Menopur. hCG is either extracted from the urine of pregnant women or produced using recombinant DNA technology (3). The assessment of factors influencing the hCG – LHCGR-receptor interaction such as neutralizing antibodies or other antagonists is of high importance (4,5).

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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