Androstenedione Saliva ELISA Assay


The Androstenedione Saliva ELISA Assay Kit is a competitive immunoenzymatic colorimetric method for quantitative determination of Androstenedione concentration in saliva. The Androstenedione Saliva ELISA Assay Kit is intended for research use only.

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Androstenedione Saliva ELISA Assay

The Androstenedione Saliva ELISA Assay is For Research Use Only

Size: 1×96 wells
Sensitivity: 0.5 pg/ml
Dynamic Range: 20 – 1000 pg/ml
Incubation Time: 1.5 hour
Sample Type: Saliva
Sample Size: 50 µL

Controls Included

Assay Background

Androstenedione (also known as Δ4-androstenedione) is a steroid hormone produced in the adrenal glands and the gonads as an intermediate step in the biochemical pathway that produces the androgen testosterone and the estrogens estrone and estradiol. It is the common precursor of male and female sex hormones. Some androstenedione is also secreted into the plasma, and may be converted in peripheral tissues to testosterone and estrogens.

Androstenedione has relatively weak androgenic activity, estimated at ~ 20% of testosterone. Secretion and production rates also exceed those of testosterone in women in whom significant extra-adrenal conversion of androstenedione to testosterone occurs.
In premenopausal women the adrenal glands and ovaries each produce about half of the total androstendione (about 3 mg/day). After menopause androstenedione production is about halved, primarily due to the reduction of steroid secreted by the ovary. Nevertheless, androstenedione is the principal steroid produced by the postmenopausal ovary.

The high serum-saliva correlation for androstenedione suggests that individual differences in serum androstenedione levels may be accurately estimated using saliva as a non-invasive alternative specimen.

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Product Developed and Manufactured in Italy by Diametra

Additional Information

Assay Principle

In Androstenedione Saliva ELISA Assay Kit, the Androstenedione (antigen) in the sample competes with the antigenic Androstenedione conjugated with horseradish peroxidase (HRP) for binding to the limited number of antibodies anti-Androstenedione coated on the microplate (solid phase).

After incubation, the bound/free separation is performed by a simple solid-phase washing. Then, the enzyme HRP in the bound-fraction reacts with the Substrate (H2O2) and the TMB Substrate and develops a blue color that changes into yellow when the Stop Solution (H2SO4) is added.

The color intensity is inversely proportional to the Androstenedione concentration in the sample. Androstenedione concentration in the sample is calculated through a calibration curve.

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