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EagleBio’s Secretory
IgA (SIgA) ELISA Assay Kit was recently used in a Nebraska study. This assay is part of our Immunology Assay Kit line which is comprised of a unique,versatile set of products for a variety
of applications, research, and fields of study.
Check the product pages for full details on the kit or view the links
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IgA (SIgA) ELISA Assay Kit.

Morrow, J. et.
al. Assessing the Archaeoparasitological
Potential of Quids As a Source Material for Immunodiagnostic Analyses. Korean
J Parasitol
. 2016 Oct; 54(5): 605–616.

“An additional
ELISA test targeting secretory IgA (sIgA) was conducted to further examine the
failure to detect parasite-induced antibodies from quids. Herein, the methods
used for quid preparation and ELISA procedures are described so that they can
be further developed by future researchers. The results are discussed in light
of the potential future of quid analysis.” Read More