Eagle Biosciences Diagomix

Eagle Biosciences, Inc. is pleased to partner with New York based Diagomix to offer a new line of monoclonal antibodies.

About Diagomix

Diagomix develops and manufactures antibodies, products for immunohistochemistry, ELISA, lateral flow assays and other antibody-based tests. Founded by a team of biomedical professionals, they offer a wide range of biochemical product development services. Their areas of focus include immunohistochemical diagnostics, companion diagnostics, food safety, and hapten detection.

New Product Offerings

Mouse Monoclonal Anti-CHID1 Clone 3D4
Mouse Monoclonal Anti-CD31 Antibody Clone PBM-6B3
Mouse Monoclonal Anti-PCNA Antibody Clone Р60
Mouse Monoclonal Anti-PCNA Antibody Clone Р56
Mouse Monoclonal Anti-Thyroglobulin Antibody Clone 2H11-D5
Mouse Monoclonal Anti-PSA Antibody Clone P1
Mouse Monoclonal Anti-MLH1 Antibody Clone PBM-5A6
Mouse Monoclonal Anti-EpCAM Antibody Clone VU-1D9
Mouse Monoclonal Anti-Desmin Antibody Clone PBM-3B4
Mouse Monoclonal Anti-Pan Cytokeratin Antibody Clone C11
Mouse Monoclonal Anti-Cytokeratin 5 Antibody Clone PBM-2C6
Mouse Monoclonal Anti-CD10 Antibody Clone PBM-1E2
Mouse Monoclonal Anti-Cytokeratin 18 Antibody Clone DC-10
Mouse Monoclonal Anti-AMACR Antibody Clone PBM-G8
Mouse Monoclonal Anti-p53 Antibody Clone BP-53-12
Mouse Monoclonal Anti-ER Antibody Clone PBM-1H7
Mouse Monoclonal Anti-Ki67 Antibody Clone PBM-20G3

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Eagle Biosciences, Inc. is excited to announce that we have partnered with ImmunAware, based in Denmark, to offer their line of easYmer MHC tetramer products in the U.S. and Canada.

About ImmunAware

ImmunAware originated from the Experimental Immunology lab at the University of Copenhagen. They specialize in major histocompatibility complex (MHC) molecules. They offer a broad range of peptide-MHC class I and II complexes as either biotinylated monomers, or as tetramers. Their easYmer product line allows laboratories to generate their own peptide-MHC monomers and tetramers.

About easYmers

easYmers contain an active formulation of peptide receptive HLA-I molecules that facilitates monomer generation. The resulting monomers are easily tetramerized with fluorophore conjugated streptavidin for use in flow cytometry for T-cell analysis. easYmer reagents can also be used to evaluate specific peptide-HLA I binding.

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Eagle Biosciences, Inc is excited to collaborate with Canadian biotech StressMarq as their U.S. distributor. With access to their extensive portfolio of over 7,000 items, this partnership enables us to offer a wide variety of cutting-edge products.

Their product catalog includes:
• Antibodies
• Antibody Conjugates
• Assay Kits
• Proteins
• Small Molecules
• And much more

About StressMarq

Stressmarq Biosciences Inc. is headquartered in Victoria, BC, Canada. They continually produce cutting edge research products that undergo rigorous quality controls to ensure their products meet the highest standards. Their mission statement is to provide “Discovery through partnership, and Excellence through quality.”

Eagle Biosciences has access to all of Stressmarqs’ products. Don’t see what you need online? Contact us for more information and we can get it for you!