Top 10 Medical Innovations of 2015- Can We Really Predict Them?


It is fascinating to think about what 2015 has in store for medical science and technology.  Which are the up-and-coming technologies and which will have the biggest impact on health care in 2015?  

There is actually a annual conference sponsored by the Cleveland Clinic that focuses on identifying and selecting nominated medical innovations that meet a strict set of criteria.  Experts from the Cleveland Clinic team perform extensive research on each nomination and then present a final list to two panels of leading Cleveland Clinic physicians. These physicians then vote to decide the Top 10 Medical Innovations for the year. 

 Here’s what they selected for 2015:

1. Mobile stroke unit

2. Dengue fever vaccine

3. Painless blood testing

4. New way to lower cholesterol

5. Cancer drug that doesn’t harm healthy tissue

6. Immune booster for cancer patients

7. Wireless cardiac pacemaker

8. New medications for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis

9. Single-dose radiation therapy for breast cancer

10. New drug for heart failure

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