New Super Drug for Superbugs- 3 Major Reasons the Drug and the Process to Test it are Dire for Healthcare


Extremely resistant bacteria which can’t be killed by antibiotics, also known as Superbugs have become a growing threat to public health over the past several years. Scientists have recently discovered a new Super-Drug (Teixobactin)to combat these Superbugs through complex microbiological testing which involves growing bacteria in the soil.  

3 Reasons this Drug and New Microbiological Drug Testing is Needed:

1. World is at risk of entering a “post-antibiotic” era- formerly treatable infections could become deadly.

2.Developing new antibiotics has been a challenge scientifically and financially- this new testing to develop new drugs like Teixobactin has created enhanced conditions for bacteria to grow.

3. Teixobactin so far show no sign of evolving resistance- the bacteria killing properties of this drug attack bacteria in a way that no other drug has in the past.


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