Testosterone: Why Higher Levels are Connected to Prostrate Enlargement


A recent study at the University of California – Santa Barbara (UCSB) focused on testosterone levels in a cohort of men in the US and compared results to previous research on a group of 350 adult males in Tsimane,Bolivia where researchers examined the prevalence of Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH)(aka. prostrate enlargement). BPH is one of the most prevalent diseases among aging men in the US.  The causes and underlying factors that contribute to this disease have not yet been identified, thus the reason for this study.

It has been explained in recent publicationsthat men in Tsimane have 30% lower testosterone levels because of environmental (numerous parasites and pathogens) and lifestyle factors (hunting, fishing,foraging: causing the need to maintain testosterone in order to maintain muscle mass). Antropologists from UCSB believe that increased levels of testosterone compromises the immune system in order to keep it low in environments where parasites and pathogens are rampant. It was discovered that the cases of advanced prostrate enlargement were nonexistent.

Because men in the US have a higher level of testosterone and their levels decrease with age, there has been a trend to supplement this decline with replacement therapy. It is believed that interfering with Mother Nature may not be the best choice and we are left to wonder, is this what is causing the increase in prostrate cancer and other diseases?  Read More

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