EagleBio offers a variety of top-notch research tools in our Vitamin Assay Kit Line such as ELISAs, HPLCs, antigens, antibodies, and proteins for a wide range of research areas.The Vitamin Assay Kit line offered Eagle Biosciences provides unique and sensitive assays for measuring a variety of vitamin analytes. EagleBio’s products are continually assisting researchers to successfully complete their studies.  Below you will find a new publication referencing our Folic Acid ELISA Assay Kit.

New Publication:

White button mushroom ergothioneine aqueous extracts obtained by the application of enzymes and membrane technology

Study Summary:

This study involved using a procedure for obtaining ERG (Ergothioneine) mushroom aqueous extracts (MAE) by utilizing enzymes and membrane technology. Various analytes were observed and tested for this research, one such analyte was Folic Acid (Vitamin B9) using Eagle Biosciences’ Folic Acid ELISA Assay Kit. It was concluded that extracts can be incorporated in solid or liquid food, used as a component of cosmetic creams, and as a food antioxidant.

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