Reverse T3 ELISA Assay Kit


The Reverse T3 ELISA Kit (enzyme-linked immunoassay kit) is intended for the direct quantitative determination of Reverse Triiodothyronine (rT3) in human serum and plasma. The Reverse Triiodothyronine (rT3) ELISA Assay Kit is for research use only and not to be used in diagnostic procedures.

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Reverse T3 ELISA Assay Kit

Reverse T3 ELISA Assay Kit is For Research Use Only

Size: 1×96 wells
Sensitivity: 0.009 ng/mL
Dynamic Range: 0.02–2 ng/mL
Incubation Time: 105 minutes
Sample Type: Serum, plasma
Sample Size: 25 μL
Alternative Names: Human Reverse T3 ELISA Kit, rT3 ELISA, Human rT3 ELISA
Controls Included

Assay Principle

The rT3 ELISA is a competitive enzyme immunoassay, where the antigen (rT3 present in calibrators, controls and patient samples) competes with a biotin-labelled antigen (rT3-Biotin conjugate) for a limited quantity of antibody which is coated on the microplate wells. After one hour incubation followed by the first washing, unbound materials are removed and a Streptavidin-HRP conjugate is added and incubated for 30 minutes. Following a second washing, the TMB substrate is added. The enzymatic reaction is terminated by addition of the stopping solution, upon which the color intensity is measured with a microplate reader. The color intensity is inversely proportional to the concentration of rT3 in the sample. The set of kit calibrators that are run simultaneously with the samples is used to plot a calibration curve and determine the concentration of rT3 in samples and controls.

Serum: Approximately 0.2 mL of serum is required per duplicate determination. Collect 4–5 mL of blood into an appropriately labelled tube and allow it to clot. Centrifuge and carefully remove the serum layer. Store at 4°C for up to 24 hours or at -10°C or lower for longer time.
Plasma: Approximately 0.2 mL of plasma is required per duplicate determination. Collect 4–5 mL of blood into EDTA plasma tubes. Store at 4°C for up to 24 hours or at -10°C or lower for longer time.
Consider all human specimens as possible biohazardous materials and take precautions when handling.

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Additional Information

Assay Background for Reverse T3 ELISA Assay Kit

3,3′,5′-Triiodo-L-thyronine also known as reverse triiodothyronine or reverse T3 (rT3), differs from 3,3′,5-Triiodo-L-thyronine (T3) in the positions of the iodine atoms in the molecule. The majority of circulatory rT3 is synthesized by peripheral deiodination of thyroxine (T4). Both T3 and rT3 bind to thyroid hormone receptors, but in contrast to T3, rT3 has not been found yet to stimulate receptor metabolic activity; it blocks receptor sites from T3 activation. The ratio of rT3 to T3 is a valuable biomarker of the metabolism and function of thyroid hormones because the process of 5’ monodeiodination that converts T4 to T3 and rT3 to 3,3’-T2 is inhibited in a number of non-thyroidal conditions such as fasting, anorexia nervosa, malnutrition, diabetes mellitus, stress, severe trauma or infection, hemorrhagic shock, hepatic dysfunction, pulmonary diseases and others. This scenario is known as “Sick euthyroid” syndrome or “Low T3” syndrome. An elevated ratio of rT3 over T3 is therefore indicative of “sick euthyroid” syndrome and helps to exclude a diagnosis of hypothyroidism, particularly in critically ill patients 1–9. The concentration of rT3 could be high in patients on the following medications: amiodarone, dexamethasone, propylthiouracil, ipodate, propranolol, and the anesthetic halothane. The concentration of rT3 could be low in patients on Dilantin, which decreases rT3 due to its displacement from thyroxinebinding globulin and therefore generates an excessive clearance of rT3.

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