Mouse Biotin IGFBP-5 Recombinant Protein


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Mouse Biotin IGFBP-5 Recombinant Protein

The Mouse Biotin IGFBP-5 Recombinant Protein is For Research Use Only

Catalog Number: BP510-G2.5
Aliquot: 2.5µL
Storage: -20°C
Alternative Names: Biotinylated Mouse IGFBP-5, Mouse Insulin-like Growth Factor Binding Protein-5

Application Notes:
Biotinylated IGF´s and analogs have found a wide range of applications in-vitro and in-vivo (see application note IGF004) and are a safe and stable alternative to 125I-labeled IGF´s. As 125I-lableld IGFBP´s have also been used for methods as e.g. proteolysis assays, binding studies and in-vivo studies, there should be some potential for biotinylated IGFBP´s, too. A literature search on the use of biotinylated IGFBP´s resulted in a small number of reports, which are limited to IGFBP-1(1-3), IGFBP-2 (4, 5, 17), IGFBP-3 (6-14, 18) and IGFBP-4 (15). Until today we found No scientific papers on the use of biotinylated IGFBP-5 and IGFBP-6.

Product Specifications

  • Biotinylated Mouse IGFBP-5 has been prepared from receptor grade recombinant mouse IGFBP-5. The product was purified using chromatographic techniques.
  • Appearance: Lyophilized with no additives.
  • Reconstitution: Reconstitute 2.5 µg aliquot with 0.1 ml double distilled water or buffer of your choice.
  • Storage: The product is shipped at room temperature, for long term storage store at – 20 °C. Reconstituted samples can be stored for at least one week at 2-8 °C.

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