IGF-I Polyclonal Antibody (Rabbit)


The Eagle Bioscience’s IGF-I Polyclonal Antibody (Rabbit) is for research use only and not to be used for diagnostic procedures.

IGF-I Polyclonal Antibody (Rabbit)

The IGF-I Polyclonal Antibody (Rabbit) is For Research Use Only

Specificity: Characterized for IGF-I immunohistochemistry in sections from human, rat, mouse and barramundi (fish) tissues. Does not detect IGF-II
Source: Rabbit Serum
Appearance: Lyophilized
Storage Temperature: 2-8ºC, After reconstitution store at 20-80ºC
Size: 1 mg
Reconstitution: Dissolve the vial contents in 1 ml deionized water and then dilute into an appropriate buffer for the application.
Description: The Eagle Biosciences IGF-I antibody was prepared by immunizing rabbits with an analogue of human IGF-I. The immunoglobulin fraction was prepared by Protein A affinity chromatography. It detects IGF-I in human, mouse, rat and a range of other mammalian species as well as in chicken and fish. The antibody should be used primarily for immunohistochemistry and Western Ligand blotting

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