Human Biotin Pro IGF-2


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Human Biotin Pro IGF-2

The Human Biotin Pro IGF-2 is For Research Use Only

Catalog Number: PG230-G04 / PG230-G08
Aliquot: 4 µg / 8 µg
Storage: 4°C for up to 2 years
Alternative Names: Human Pro-IGF-2 (1-156) Biotinylated, Biotin-Pro-IGF-2, Pro-Insulin-like Growth Factor-II (aa1 -156) Biotinylated, Biotin-IGF-II precursor; Biotin-IGF-2 precursor; Biotin-Pro-Insulin-like Growth Factor-2

Product Specifications

  • Quantity: 4 µg or 8 µg
  • Description: Biotin- IGF-2 is prepared by a selective biotinylation procedure. Affinity of the biotinylated precursor was compared with biotinylated IGF-2. The affinity to IGFBP-3 was similar for IGF-2 and the precursor.
  • Formulation: Lyophilized from a solution of 0.5 ml TBS, pH 7.4, containing 4 µg of the biotinylated product. A preservative and a stabilizing protein of non-mammalian origin are added to ensure stability of the reconstituted product.  Recommended dilution: 1: 100 to 1: 500 for western ligand blotting. The Biotin IGF-2 has been tested with our western-ligand blotting kit.
  • Storage: Store refrigerated upon arrival. The product is stable at 4 °C for at least two years.  Reconstitute with 0.5 ml water and store aliquots frozen at – 20 °C. Avoid repeated freeze-thawing cycles.

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Product Developed and Manufactured in Germany by ibt – immunological and biochemical testsystems GmbH


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