Beta 2 Microglobulin ELISA Assay Kit


This Eagle Biosciences Beta 2-Microglobulin Assay is an enzyme immunoassay intended for the quantitative determination of Beta 2-microglobulin in serum, plasma and urine. Beta 2- Microglobulin Assay is for researach use only and should not be used for diagnostic procedures.

Beta 2 Microglobulin ELISA Assay Kit

For Research Use Only

Size: 1×96 wells
Dynamic Range: 0.6-10 mg/l
Sensitivity: Plasma or serum: < 2.5 mg/l, Urine: < 0.4 mg/l
Incubation Time: 3.5 hours
Sample Type: Plasma, Serum, Urine
Sample Size: 10 µl

Product manufactured in Germany by Immundiagnostik

Additional Information

Assay Background

ß2-microglobulin is a light chain protein (11.8kD) of the HLA-class-I antigens and is found on the cell membrane of all nucleated cells. This protein is metabolised extensively in the kidney. The serum concentration is influenced by the rates of synthesis and metabolism and is usually stable in healthy persons. Changes in the serum concentrations are indicative of disorders in glomerular and tubular functions.

Assay Principle

This ß2-microglobulin ELISA Assay Kit is designed for the quantitative determination of ß2-microglobulin. In a first inicubation step, ß2-microglobulin is bound to an immobilised antibody.Then a peroxidase-labelled anti-ß2-microglobulin-antibody is added and a sandwich of capture antibody – ß2-microglobulin – peroxidase-conjugate is formed. Tetramethylbenzidine (TMB) is used as peroxidase substrate. Finally, an acidic stop solution is added to terminate the reaction. The colour changes from blue to yellow. The intensitiy of the colour is directly proportional to the concentration of ß2-microglobulin. A dose response curve of the absorbance unit (optical density, OD at 450nm) vs. concentration is generated, using the values obtained from the standards. ß2-microglobulin, present in the patient samples, is determined directly from this curve.


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