Anti-IgE Antibody ELISA Kit


The Anti-IgE Antibody ELISA Kit is produced for the quantitative determination of human anti-human IgE antibody levels in human serum or plasma samples. The test may be useful for detecting patients who have developed antibodies (mainly IgG) to their own IgE. This Eagle Biosciences Anti-IgE ELISA kit is for research purposes only. It is not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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Anti-IgE Antibody ELISA Kit

Anti-IgE Antibody ELISA Kit Developed and Manufactured in the USA

Size: 1×96 wells
Sensitivity: 0.4808 ng/mL
Dynamic Range: 12 – 450 ng/mL
Incubation Time: 2.5 hours
Sample Type: Serum, Plasma
Sample Size: 200 µL
Alternative Names: Immunoglobulin E
For Research Use Only

Controls Included

Assay Principle

This Anti-IgE Antibody ELISA Kit is designed, developed and produced for the quantitative measurement of human anti-hIgE autoantibodies in serum and plasma samples. The assay utilizes the two-site “bridge” technique with two selected human antibodies.

Assay standards, controls and patient samples are directly added to wells of a microplate that is coated with purified human IgE. After the first incubation period, anti-IgE antibodies bind to the human IgE on the wall of microtiter well and unbound proteins in each microtiter well are washed away. A highly purified biotin-labeled human IgE is then added to each microtiter well. After the second incubation period, and a “bridge” of “well coated human IgE = Anti-hIgE antibody = biotin-labeled human IgE” is formed. The unbound protein is removed in the subsequent washing step. HRP-labeled streptavidin is added to the plate wells. For the detection of this immunocomplex, the wells are then incubated with a substrate solution in a timed reaction and subsequently measured in a spectrophotometric microplate reader. The enzymatic activity of the immunocomplex bound to the IgE on the wall of the microtiter well is directly proportional to the amount of anti-IgE antibody in the sample. A standard curve is generated by plotting the absorbance versus the respective anti-IgE concentration for each standard on point-to-point or 4 parameter curve fit. The concentration of IgE antibody in test samples is determined directly from this standard curve.

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Additional Information

Assay Background

The presence of anti-IgE antibodies in patient serum or plasma has been associated with chronic urticaria, which is a common skin disorder affecting 1 to 6% of the general population. It is characterized by repeated occurrence of short-lived cutaneous wheals accompanied by redness and itching. This anti-IgE antibody ELISA is a ready-to-use test kit with well-breakable microtiter plate and simple test procedures.

Assay Procedure

  1. Add 100 μL of calibrators, control and patient sample to the plate
  2. Incubate 1 hour at RT, shaking
  3. Wash strips with diluted wash buffer
  4. Add 100 μL biotin Antibody
  5. Incubate 30 min at RT, shaking
  6. Wash strips with diluted wash buffer
  7. Add 100 μL Streptavidin-HRP
  8. Incubate 30 min at RT, shaking
  9. Wash strips with diluted wash buffer
  10. Add 100 μL TMB substrate
  11. Incubate 20 min at RT
  12. Add 100 μL stop solution
  13. Read strips at OD 450 nm

Typical Standard Curve

Anti-IgE Antibody ELISA Kit Standard Curve

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