Dopamine Sensitive ELISA Assay Utilized in Recent Publication

The Eagle Bioscience’s Noradrenaline ( Norepinephrine) High Sensitive ELISA was utilized in a recent publication that focused on how β1-adrenergic receptor links sympathetic nerves to T cell exhaustion. Check out the full text and abstract below!


CD8+ T cells are essential components of the immune response against viral infections and tumors, and are capable of eliminating infected and cancerous cells. However, when the antigen cannot be cleared, T cells enter a state known as exhaustion1. Although it is clear that chronic antigen contributes to CD8+ T cell exhaustion, less is known about how stress responses in tissues regulate T cell function. Here we show a new link between the stress-associated catecholamines and the progression of T cell exhaustion through the β1-adrenergic receptor ADRB1. We identify that exhausted CD8+ T cells increase ADRB1 expression and that exposure of ADRB1+ T cells to catecholamines suppresses their cytokine production and proliferation. Exhausted CD8+ T cells cluster around sympathetic nerves in an ADRB1-dependent manner. Ablation of β1-adrenergic signaling limits the progression of T cells towards the exhausted state in chronic infection and improves effector functions when combined with immune checkpoint blockade (ICB) in melanoma. In a pancreatic cancer model resistant to ICB, β-blockers and ICB synergize to boost CD8+ T cell responses and induce the development of tissue-resident memory-like T cells. Malignant disease is associated with increased catecholamine levels in patients2,3, and our results establish a connection between the sympathetic stress response, tissue innervation and T cell exhaustion. Here, we uncover a new mechanism by which blocking β-adrenergic signaling in CD8+ T cells rejuvenates anti-tumor functions.

Globig, AM., Zhao, S., Roginsky, J. et al. The β1-adrenergic receptor links sympathetic nerves to T cell exhaustion. Nature 622, 383-392 (2023).

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