In a recent study released by AroCell, the novel proliferation biomarker, Thymadine Kinase 1, is proving to provide more information to researchers studying more than hematological malignancies. With the help of AroCells TK 210 ELISA, there are reports that this test can complement the PSA-related biomarkers that are used to help diagnose prostate cancer.

“The main objective of this study is to determine if TK 210 ELISA can complement the PSA-ralated biomarkers leading to a higher specificity and sensitivity in the diagnosis of prostate cancer.” the objective states in newly released research poster. AroCell TK 210 ELISA May Complement Pro PSA and the Prostate Health Index in Differentiating Non-Cancerous from Cancerous Conditions in Prostate Disease (Jagarlamudi, KK et al.).

“The results indicate that the AroCell TK 210 kit can aid in differentiating the non-cancerous group from the confirmed PCa group in urology patients with PSA values between 2 to 10 µg/L.” the poster continues, “Further clinical studies are needed to establish the role of TK 210 ELISA as a complement to pro PSA and PHI, which could be a valuable tool in prostate cancer diagnosis.”