We at Eagle Biosciences, Inc are Proud to Announce an Exclusive Partnership with Kyowa Medex Co., Ltd from Tokyo, Japan!


MedFrontier FGF-23 provides a simpler and quicker assay procedure that yields a broader dynamic range than it’s competitors 


About the NEW MedFrontier FGF23 ELISA Kit…

MedFrontier FGF-23 is a sandwich ELISA kit that measures only intact/active forms of FGF23. Manufactured by Kyowa Medex Co. of Tokyo, Japan, the MedFrontier FGF23 is the only kit of its kind. Studying intact FGF23 has shown to provide greater accuracy when researching the importance of this protein.

Dynamic Range 15-3000 pg/mL
Incubation Time ~2 hours
Sample Size 20 µL
Sample Type Serum

What is FGF23?

Fibroblastic Growth Factor 23 (FGF23) is a hormone that is secreted by osteoblasts with the bones. This protein works primarily with the kidneys to help regulate levels of phosphate within the bloodstream via signals for removal or reabsorbtion. The parathyroid and digestive system also aid in phosphates homeostasis within the body. The kidneys remove excess phosphate through waste, and reabsorbs it via the small intestines when needed.

Why Measure FGF23?

Phosphate plays a critical role in the formation and growth of bones in children and maintaining strength in adults. If there is an imbalance of FGF23 within the bloodstream, it can cause hyper- and hypophosphatemia. These conditions have been linked to Rickets, osteomalacia, and impaired renal function to name a few.