Anti-tTG sIgA/IgA ELISA Assay Kit

Eagle Biosciences is excited to announce the new Anti-tTG sIgA/IgA ELISA Assay Kit. This kit is intended for the quantitative determination of anti-human tissue transglutaminase sIgA/IgA in stool samples.

Assay Background

Celiac disease is a chronic illness of the small intestinal mucous membrane. The reason is an intolerance against gluten, which is found in many cereals. This food intolerance against cereal proteins leads to a production of auto-antibodies against tissue transglutaminase, which is the major antigen for endomysium antibodies.

The intake of gluten-containing food leads to an inflammation of the small intestinal mucous membrane, which results in a reduced absorption of nutrients. The symptoms of the disease are reduction of weight, diarrhea, vomitus, anorexia and tiredness. The growth of children is impaired. The characteristic of the symptoms might be different. The only therapeutic treatment is a gluten-free diet. A non-treated celiac disease increases the risk of non-Hodgkin-lymphoma and colon cancer. Celiac disease is associated with type 1 diabetes mellitus in five to ten percent of the patients. Women are more often affected than men. The outcome of the disease is pronounced during infancy and in ages between 30 and 40 years old.


  • Food Intolerance
  • Monitoring an Elimination Diet

Anti-tTG sIgA/IgA ELISA Assay Kit Advantages

  • Easy
  • Rapid
  • Precise
  • All reagents included

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