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Immune Monitoring COVID-19

Cells infected with SARS-CoV-2 are only visible to CD8+ T cell after virus proteins have been processed and presented by MHC class I molecules – and only then are the CD8+ T cell able to eradicate the infection. While antibodies against the COVID-19 virus are important to prevent or minimize infection, CD8+ T cells are responsible for clearing the virus from the body. Hence, the identification of peptides being presented by MHC class I is essential to:

  • Design potent vaccines eliciting a persistent response and
  • Using MHC class I tetramers to monitor cellular immune responses
  • Assessments of vaccine induced cellular immunity

immunAware’s MHC class I easYmers allow researchers pursuing novel COVID-19 vaccines to generate tetramers and monitor immune responses. In the current pandemic scenario it is essential not to only focus on a few ALA allotypes; rather it is essential to be able to monitor as many allotypes as possible to ensure a novel vaccine targets a broad range of allotypes. Our portfolio of easYmers cover 34 HLA allotypes (HLA-A,-B,-C) which is further supplemented by HLA molecules available for custom tetramer production, bringing the number of available allotypes up to 81. Thus, our range of allotypes ensures a coverage to a 2% frequency in the caucasian population.

The easYmer reagents can also be used to validate the binding of predicted epitopes to further stratify the selection of potential COVID-19 vaccine targets.

As the US distributor for immunAware, Eagle Biosciences offer their extensive catalog of easYmer and MHC tetramer products, including:
easYmer HLA-C*07:02 MHC Tetramers Kit
HLA-A*29:02 (WYMWLGARY) Class I Tetramer
easYmer HLA-B*15:01 MHC Tetramers Kit

See our full list of immunAware products here. If you have questions or for assistance with a specific product, please contact us.