A recent study conducted by Case Western Reserve University using Eagle Biosciences’ Transferrin (TfR) Receptor ELISA from our Oxidative Stress Assay Kit line. This assay is part of our Oxidative Stress Assay Kit Line which is a comprehensive group consisting of a numerous valuable tools for assisting scientists in fields of research such as diabetes, cancer, aging, and other similar areas of study. See the product page below for full details on the kit or view the links below to find a new publication referencing our Transferrin (TfR) Receptor ELISA (TfR)


Anemia Among Children Exposed to Polyparasitism in Coastal Kenya

Study Summary:

Anemia represents a substantial problem for children living in areas with limited resources and significant parasite burden. The objective for this research was to evaluate the potential links between low hemoglobin and socioeconomic factors, nutritional status, hemoglobinopathy, and/or parasite infection. A cross-sectional study was performed utilizing a cohort of 254 Kenyan children of early school-age in a setting endemic for multiple chronic parasitic infections to explore mechanisms of their anemia. 

Complete venous blood cell counts revealed a high prevalence of local childhood anemia (79%). EagleBio’s Transferrin (TfR) Receptor ELISA (TfR) was used to measure TfR values in serum samples.

Children in the youngest age group had the greatest odds of iron deficiency (OR: 10.0, 95% CI: 3.9, 26).Although older children aged 9–11 years had less anemia, they had more detectable malaria, Schistosoma infection, hookworm, and proportionately more non-IDA.  Anemia in this setting appears multi-factorial such that chronic inflammation and iron deficiency need to be addressed together as part of integrated management of childhood anemia.

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