Dopamine Sensitive ELISA Assay Utilized in Recent Publication

The Eagle Bioscience’s Cortisol ELISA Assay was highlighted in a recent publication that focused on suppressive action of nesfatin-1 and nesfatin-1-like peptide on cortisol synthesis. Check out the full text and abstract below!


Nucleobindin-derived peptides, nesfatin-1 [NESF-1] and nesfatin-1-like-peptide [NLP] have diverse roles in endocrine and metabolic regulation. While both peptides showed a stimulatory effect on the synthesis of POMC, the ACTH precursor in mouse corticotrophs, whether NESF-1 and NLP have any direct effect on glucocorticoid [GC] synthesis in the adrenal cortex remains unknown. The main aim of this study was to determine if NESF-1 and/or NLP act directly on adrenal cortex cells to regulate cortisol synthesis in vitro. Whether NLP injection affects stress-hormone gene expression in the adrenal gland and pituitary in vivo in mice was also assessed. In addition, cortisol synthetic pathway in Nucb1 knockout [KO] mice was studied. Human adrenal cortical [H295R] cells showed immunoreactivity for both NUCB1/NLP and NUCB2/NESF-1 using immunohistochemistry. NLP and NESF-1 decreased the expression of steroidogenic enzymes, cortisol synthesis and release through the AC/PKA/CREB pathway in H295R cells. Similarly, intraperitoneal injection of NLP in mice decreased the expression of enzymes involved in GC synthesis in the adrenal gland while increasing the expression of Pomc, Pcsk1 and Crhr1 in the pituitary. Moreover, the Mc2r mRNA level was enhanced in the adrenal gland samples of NLP injected mice. However, the global genetic disruption in Nucb1 did not affect most steroidogenic enzyme mRNAs, and Pomc, Pcsk2 and Crhr1 mRNAs in mice adrenal gland and pituitary gland, respectively. Collectively, these data provide the rst evidence that NLP and NESF-1 directly decreased cortisol synthesis and secretion in vitro. NUCB peptides still might play its stimulatory effect on GC synthesis and secretion through their positive effects on ACTH-MC2R pathway in the pituitary.

Nasri, Atefeh, et al. Suppressive Action of Nesfatin-1 and Nesfatin-1-like Peptide on Cortisol Synthesis in Adrenal Cortex Cells, 2023,

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