February 2, 2015-  A recent Tulane University Study focused on influenza statistics and mortality in cities that send their teams to the Super Bowl.  It was discovered that there was an 18% increase in deaths of individuals over 65 from influenza. Studies involved in this research revealed that this rise in influenza related deaths was due to increased socialization during the peak of the influenza season or in cases where the dominant strain is more lethal.  Historically, studies have demonstrated that over 65 is one of the most vulnerable population and although people in this group may not change their behavior as a result of their team’s success, their chances of contact with an infected individual increases as the infection rate of the population increases as a whole.  Read More


Tips and Strategies to Help Avoid Exposure:

1. Remind people to wash their hands

2. Avoid sharing drinks or food at parties during the height of influenza season




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