​January 2015: Eagle Biosciences Introduces New FGF23(C-Terminal) ELISA Assay

Nashua, NH:
Eagle Biosciences is now offering a new, robust multi-matrix FGF23(C-Terminal) ELISA Assay Kit. This assay was developed and manufactured by Biomedica Gruppe in Austria.
Biomedica has a strong focus on delivering consistent, top-notch, innovative cardiovascular
and bone metabolism immunoassays for researchers around the world.

The FGF23 (C-terminal) ELISA Assay kit has excellent sensitivity, great correlation with
existing ELISA methods, and utilizes a low sample volume. This analyte provides incredible value and unique
insights to research surrounding the regulation of bone and mineral
homeostasis. In addition, this kit not only offers the ability to measure FGF23
in a variety of sample types such as serum, plasma, urine, and cell culture but
also provides excellent stability in all matrices after sample collection.

“We are thrilled
to incorporate another unique Biomedica kit into our bone metabolism product line.” said Dan Keefe, President of EagleBio.
He continued, “This assay has so much to offer in terms of advantages
over other FGF23 kits currently in the market.
In fact, it is the only FGF23 assay that can be used for serum and plasma
and its excellent sensitivity provides clear
differentiation even at low serum FGF23 levels.”

This product
is currently for research use only and is available from Eagle Biosciences in Canada
. Check out the links below, visit the Eagle website, www.EagleBio.com,
or call 866-411-8023 for full details.