Tryptophan ELISA Assay Kit


The Eagle Biosciences Tryptophan ELISA Assay Kit is used for the quantitative determination of Tryptophan in urine, serum and plasma samples.

Tryptophan ELISA Assay Kit

For Research Use Only

Size: 1×96 wells
Sensitivity: 1.2 µg/ml
Standard Range: 2.5 – 250 µg/ml
Incubation Time: overnight, 2 x 30 min
Sample Type: Urine, plasma, serum
Sample Size: 20 µl

Controls Included

Assay Principle

After extraction and derivatization Tryptophan is quantitatively determined by ELISA.
The competitive ELISA uses the microtiter plate format. The antigen is bound to the solid phase of the microtiter plate. The derivatized standards, controls and samples and the solid phase bound analyte compete for a fixed number of antibody binding sites. When the system is in equilibrium, free antigen and free antigen-antibody complexes are removed by washing. The antibody bound to the solid phase is detected by an anti-rabbit IgG-peroxidase conjugate using TMB as a substrate. The reaction is monitored at 450 nm. Quantification of unknown samples is achieved by comparing their absorbance with a standard curve prepared with known standards.

Additional Information

Assay Background

L-Tryptophan is one of the essential amino acids for the human metabolism and must be part of its diet. In humans it serves as precursor for the synthesis of the neurotransmitters serotonin and tryptamine as well as for the synthesis of nicotinic acid and the epiphyseal hormone melatonin. Tryptophan is catabolized to kynurenine through the enzyme IDO (indoleamine-2,3-dioxygenase). Increased IDO activity is an expression of neuro-endocrine-immunological dysregulation, which is often associated with depressive symptoms such as bipolar disorder (manic depression). In addition Tryptophan and its metabolites regulate neurobehavioral effects such as appetite, sleeping-waking-rhythm and pain perception.
This kit is for research use only and should not be used as a diagnostic tool.


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