Melatonin Serum ELISA Assay


The Melatonin Serum ELISA Assay Kit is a rapid, sensitive and specific ELISA assay designed and validated for the Direct quantitative measurement of Melatonin in human serum and plasma. This Eagle Biosciences ELISA is for research use only.

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Melatonin Serum ELISA Assay

Melatonin Serum ELISA Assay is manufactured in the USA

Size: 1×96 wells
Sensitivity: 2.5 pg/ml
Incubation Time: 2.5 hours
Sample Type: Serum, Plasma
Sample Size: 25 µl
Controls Included, No Extraction Necessary
For Research Use Only

Assay Background

Melatonin (N-Acetyl-5-methoxytrptamine) is a biogenic amine that is found in animals and plants. In mammals, melatonin is produced by the pineal gland. Its secretion increases in darkness and decreases during exposure to light. Melatonin is implicated in the regulation of sleep, mood and reproduction. Melatonin is also an effective antioxidant.

Assay Principle for Melatonin Serum ELISA

No Extraction Required:  The Direct Melatonin Serum/Plasma Kit is based on the competition principal and microplate separation. Melatonin in calibrators and samples compete with a fixed amount of melatonin conjugated to horse radish peroxidase (Melatonin-HRP) for binding sites with a rabbit melatonin monoclonal antiserum bound to GARGG (goat anti-rabbit gamma globulin) coated wells of a microplate. After incubation, unbound components are washed away, enzyme substrate solution is added and a blue color formed. This reaction is stopped with an acid solution to produce a yellow color. The optical density is then read at 450 nm. The amount of Melatonin-HRP detected is inversely proportional to the amount of melatonin in a sample.  This assay has excellent sample to sample correlation with mass spectrometry values.

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