Iodine HPLC Assay Column


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Iodine HPLC Assay Column

The Iodine HPLC Assay Column is For Research Use Only

Each column can be utilized for approximately 500-1000 samples depending on column care and sample type.

Assay Background

Iodine is an essential mineral which must be ingested by nutrition. The thyroid hormones T3 (triiodidethyronine) and T4 (tyroxine) are built by the addition of iodine to the amino acid tyrosine. T3 is much more effective than T4.   T3 is taken up into the cells and binds to receptors of the nucleus.  T3 activates a lot of metabolic pathways. It increases body temperature and oxygen consumption.  T3 accelerates the ingestion of carbohydrates, activates the release of fat, and supports the turnover of cholesterol and the protein synthesis. It regulates the water balance, the bone metabolism and is indispensable for the maturation of skeleton and brain.

The measurement of free iodine in urine is a valuable tool for the determination of the supply with iodine.  The measurement of the direct intake of iodine is rather difficult. Therefore the determination of iodine in urine is well accepted as an index of iodine uptake. The fecal excretion is negligible.

The Eagle Biosciences Iodine HPLC Assay kit makes it possible to determine iodine levels in an easy, fast and precise method. The Iodine HPLC Assay includes all reagents in a ready to use form for preparation and separation of the samples with exception of the columns (IC3100rp) and the controls (IC3100ko). Both can be supplied by Eagle Biosciences.  Beside the complete test kits it is possible to order all components separately. Please request our single component price list.

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