Human Recombinant Transthyretin Y78F Variant Protein Filaments


Turbidity Assay shows increased turbidity in Human Recombinant Transthyretin Y78F Variant Protein Filaments. This product is for research use only and not for use in diagnostic procedures. Contact us for bulk pricing.

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Human Recombinant Transthyretin Y78F Variant Protein Filaments

For Research Use Only

Specificity: 15.887 kDa
Species: Human
Expression System: E. coli
Buffer: PBS pH 7.4
Storage Temperature: -80ºC

Product manufactured in Canada by StressMarq.

Additional Information

Scientific Background

Transthyretin is a transport protein in the serum and cerebospinal fluid that carried the thyroid hormone Thyroxine and retinol-binding protein bound to retinol. TTR misfolding and aggregation is known to be associated with the amyloiddiseases SSA, FAP and FAC (1-5). TTR is also thought to have beneficial side effects, such as binding to beta-amyloid protein, preventing beta-amyloid from accumulating into the plaques associated with Alzheimer’s Disease (6). The mutant variant Y78F indicates a destabilization of the contacts between the alpha-helix and AB loop and the body of the molecule, potentially leading to applications in immne therapy for FAP (7).

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