Glucuronidase Sample Treatment Kit


This Glucuronidase Sample Treatment Kit provides materials for treatment of 40 samples in glucuronidation and measure the total systemic isoprostane output.

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Glucuronidase Sample Treatment Kit

The Glucuronidase Sample Treatment Kit is For Research Use Only

Size: 2 vials, lyopholized
Storage: -20°C

Product manufactured in the USA


Isoprostanes are primarily generated by free radical mechanisms making them excellent biomarkers for systemic oxidant stress. It is now known that isoprostanes are extensively metabolized in humans. Eagle Biosciences has found that an average of 50% of the isoprostane excreted in human urine is conjugated to glucuronic acid. The extent of glucuronidation among individuals ranges significantly from 28% to 80%. In light of this information, it is strongly recommended that specimens be pretreated with b-glucuronidase prior to isoprostane analysis to provide a more accurate assessment of oxidative stress.

This Glucuronidase Sample Treatment Kit provides sufficient materials and methods for the treatment of 40 samples allowing the user to differentiate the inter-individual differences in glucuronidation and measure the total systemic isoprostane output.

Directions for Use

  1. Reconstitute powder with 180 µL of deionized water and place on ice for no longer than one hour prior to use. Due to the viscosity of the reconstituted solution, take care to avoid bubbles.
  2. For every 100 mL of stock urine to be assayed, add 8 mL of Glucuronidase.  Seal container and mix solution by inversion.
  3. Incubate the mixture at 37°C for 2 hours.
  4. Your sample is now ready for dilution and assay.

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Additional Information

CONCENTRATION: 125,000 U/mL/vial upon reconstitution

PRESENTATION: 22,500 U/vial lyophilized powder

STORAGE: –20°C. This product is intended for use in its entirety once reconstituted – AVOID REPEATED FREEZE-THAW CYCLES.

APPLICATIONS: For use in the removal of conjugated glucuronide from isoprostane.

SPECIES SPECIFICITY: Not species specific.


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