DotDiver HepAK 10


The DotDiver HepAK 10 is an immunodot assay for the automated determination of IgG antibodies to M2/nPDC, M2/OGDC-E2, M2/BCOADC-E2, M2/PDC-E2, gp210, sp100, LKM1, LC1, SLA and F-actin in human serum or Plasma. This product is intended for research use only and not for use in diagnostic procedures.
This product was previously known as GA-5070.

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DotDiver HepAK 10

For Research Use Only

Size: 24 x 10 determinations
Assay Type: Line / Dot Immunoassay
Format: membrane coated with M2-nPDC, PDC-E2, OGDC-E2, BCOADC-E2, sp100, gp210, LKM1, LC1(human recombinant), SLA (rat) and F-actin (rabbit)
Sample Type: Serum/Plasma

DotDiver Assays are intended for use with the DotDiver2.0 Immunoassay Processor.

This product is manufactured in Germany by Generic Assays


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