Anti-GRP 75 C-Terminus Polyclonal Antibody


This Anti-GRP 75 C-Terminus Polyclonal Antibody is selective for mature GRP75, and does not cross react with other HSP70 members.

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Anti-GRP 75 C-Terminus Polyclonal Antibody

The Anti-GRP 75 C-Terminus Polyclonal Antibody is For Research Use Only

Aliquot: 100 µL
Storage: -70° C

Product manufactured in the USA

Contents: Polyclonal rabbit antiserum to human Glucose Regulated Protein (Grp) 75

Immunogen: C-terminal fragment of human Grp 75 (amino acid  608-627)

Specificity: Human and mouse Grp 75

Application: Western blot analysis, chemiluminescent detection at 1-2 minute exposure.

Quantity: 100 µL rabbit antiserum

Working Dilution: A dilution of 1:1000 for Western blots will yield a positive result with Grp 75.  Secondary antibody used is anti-rabbit IgG peroxidase diluted at 1:100,000 (Cat# 605220; Boehringer-Mannheim; Indianapolis, IN)

Storage: Stable for several weeks at 4oC, several months at -20 oC, and indefinitely at -70 oC.  Avoid repeated freeze/thaw cycles.

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