The MedFrontier Intact FGF-23 Assay is developed and manufactured by Minaris Medical! This assay kit is a reliable test that provides a simple and quick assay procedure that yields a broad dynamic range.

What is FGF-23?

FGF-23 (Fibroblast Growth Factor 23) is a protein belonging to the fibroblast growth factor family. FGF-23 is involved in the regulation of phosphorus metabolism. FGF-23 has a molecular weight of approximately 32 kDa. FGF-23 is produced in bone cells. In vivo, FGF-23 is secreted into circulation. A full-length active FGF-23 protein may undergo proteolytic cleavage to generate an inactive c-terminal fragment. The MedFrontier Intact FGF-23 Assay measures ONLY the full-length active form (intact form).

Why Measure FGF-23?

Phosphate plays a critical role in the formation and growth of bones in children and maintaining strength in adults. If there is an imbalance of FGF-23 within the bloodstream, it can cause hyper- and hypophosphatemia. These conditions have been linked to Rickets, osteomalacia, and impaired renal function to name a few.

About the MedFrontier Intact FGF-23 Assay Kit

This is a sandwich Chemiluminescence enzyme immunoassay (CLEIA) kit by using two anti-human FGF-23 mouse monoclonal antibodies. When serum is added to a plate well coated with anti-human FGF-23 mouse monoclonal antibodies, FGF-23 is captured by the immobilized antibodies (1st reaction). After the 1st reaction, the plate is washed. Then, ALP-labeled anti-human FGF-23 mouse monoclonal 2nd antibodies against FGF-23 react to FGF-23 antigens captured by the immobilized antibodies (2nd reaction). After the 2nd reaction, the plate is washed and light detection is performed after adding the luminescence reagent. Each active well of the plate is measured using a luminescence microplate reader and relative light units (RLU) are obtained. The concentration of FGF-23 in serum is calculated with a standard curve generated using the FGF-23 Standard 1 to 6.

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