FluoBolt- KLOTHO Fluorescence Immunoassay

High Sensitivity; Single Step Immunoassay for α-KLOTHO in Human Serum and Plasma

Eagle Biosciences is excited to highlight the FloBolt- KLOTHO Fluorescence Immunoassay from Fianostics! This assay detects only α-KLOTHO and does not cross-react with β-KLOTHO. No interference of recombinant FGF-23 with the assay’s signal up to a 100-fold molar excess was monitored. Check out the assay background and highlights below!


α-KLOTHO is expressed in kidney, small intestine, placenta and prostate. The soluble peptide can be found in serum and cerebrospinal fluid. It may play a role in the calcium/ phosphorus homeostasis regulation by e.g. inhibiting active vitamin D synthesis. Further, it is also known as an antiaging-hormone by extending life span by inhibiting insulin/ IGF1 signaling pathway, as experiments in mice showed. KLOTHO is a co-receptor of fibroblast growth factor 23 (FGF-23). Research has investigated association of altered serum KLOTHO levels with chronic kidney disease and failure, renal and hepatocellular carcinomas, osteoporosis or cardiovascular diseases.

α-KLOTHO can be found either as a membrane bound or a secreted form. The membrane bound form consists of 1012 amino acids (aa), starting with a 56 aa long signaling sequence and followed by two glycosyl hydrolase 1 regions (position 57-506 and 515-953). Both glycosyl hydrolase 1 regions lack one essential Glu active site residue. Thus, it is inactive in vivo as a glycosidase although it belongs to the glycosyl hydrolase 1 family. KLOTHO’s secreted isoform, which predominates over the membrane bound form, consists of 549 amino acids (aa). It is produced by alternative splicing and differs from the membrane bound form by aa 550 to 1012 missing.

FluoBolt- KLOTHO Fluorescence Immunoassay Highlights

  • High Sensitivity
  • Single Step Procedure
  • No Washing Steps
  • No Enzyme Substrate required
  • Long Term Stable Signal

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