Eagle Biosciences is excited to highlight the Double-Stranded RNA (dsRNA) ELISA Assay Kit from Krishgen Biosystems! This kit allows sensitive and selective detection of dsRNA molecules (larger than 30-40 bp), independent of their nucleotide composition and sequence. Check out the assay background and highlights below!


Double-stranded (ds) RNA formation is a hallmark of viral infections that is essential for the induction of innate immunity. dsRNA is also involve in gene silencing and produced as a side product during in-vitro transcription-based RNA synthesis. The increasing importance of in vitro-transcribed (IVT) mRNA for synthesizing the encoded therapeutic protein in vivo demands the manufacturing of pure mRNA products. The major contaminant in the IVT mRNA is double-stranded RNA (dsRNA). The nuclei of human cells contain dsRNA that plays a role in natural biological processes however, when dsRNA enters the cells, from the extracellular milieu into their endosome or cytoplasm, it is sensed as a viral invader. All cells are capable of responding to dsRNA through sensors and effectors. Therefore, the elimination of dsRNA from the IVT mRNA is crucial to improve translation of the administered mRNA and to limit induction of cytokines.

This assay works on the sandwich-ELISA principle and uses both J2 (IgG2a) antibody to dsRNA and K2 antibody to dsRNA as capture and detection antibodies. dsRNA-recognition is independent of the sequence and nucleotide composition of the antigen.

dsRNA ELISA Kit Highlights

  • Pre-coated wells
  • Better specificity – using a direct sandwich assay protocol
  • Ready-to-Use – all components included, and prepared

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