What is it SpheroRuler intended for?

SpheroRuler is a monodispersed suspension of 1µm diameter spheres coated with 647-fluorophores giving a stable blinking in SMLM microscopy. Their consistent size and geometry make them very practical and reliable standards to assess the accuracy of your x-y or z measurements, 3D reconstruction methods or your image quality. Monodispersed and immobile in solution, they can also be used as rulers, for drift correction or as guides to help localize features on your biological samples.

SpheroRuler is great for dSTORM calibration experiments because you can use it on your preferred support and buffer. And because you get confident with the new biological structure to image. SpheroRuler also produces simple shapes that are easy to study when you are a dSTORM beginner!


  1. Stable Blinking – Suited for use in SMLM microscopy
  2. Consistent Size – Thoroughly characterized by electron microscopy
  3. Spherical geometry – with sharp and thin edges
  4. Immobile – Suitable for drift correction applications
  5. Bio-compatible – Resuspended in an aqueous buffer and usable along biological samples such as cells or tissue sections
  6. Easy-to-Spot – A high fluorescence intensity for practical use as demo or training tools

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