A recent study was conducted at the University of Wisconsin referencing EagleBio’s Ferritin ELISA Assay Kit, a kit designed for the quantitative determination of ferritin in serum or plasma. This assay is part of our Oxidative Assay Kit Line which is a comprehensive group consisting of a numerous valuable products for assisting scientists in fields of research such as diabetes, cancer, aging, and other similar areas of study. Check the product page for full details on the kit or view the links below to find a new publication referencing our Ferritin ELISA Assay Kit.  



Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay to Measure Serum Ferritin in Toucans(Ramphastidae sp.)

Study Summary:

The objective of this study was to develop an ELISA assay for testing Ferritin levels in toucans.  Iron overload (a.k.a. hemochromatosis) has been a serious health concern in captive toucans. In fact,hemochromatosis is the leading cause of death in toucans in captivity. The likely cause is dietary as toucans have physiological mechanisms to efficiently extract iron from iron-deficient diets so when toucans are fed an iron-sufficient diets, iron overload occurs.

In conclusion, the results of this study reveal the need for further study as preliminary ferritin concentrations
from all toucans studied were much higher than expected when using a variety of testing methods. This may in part be due to the antigenic disparities between species.


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