The Neurobiology Assay Kit Line offered at Eagle Biosciences provides a comprehensive array
of sensitive tools to measure catecholamines and numerous neuroscience-related
analytes in various types of samples. Among the solid line up of kits in the Neurobiology Assay Kit Line are the SAM ELISA Assay and the SAH ELISA Assay. Both of these assays are simple to run, have short incubation times, and provide valuable results for assessing the functionality of the
methionine cycle and its metabolic pathways.

Why Measure SAM (S-adenosylmethionine)
and SAH (S-adenosylhomocysteine) with EagleBio kits?

1. Excellent
: Both
SAM and SAH ELISA Assay Kits are designed to specifically bind free and
conjugated SAM and SAH.

2. Quick and Simple
Test Results:
< 2.0 hour incubation and easy testing procedure with no
costly instrumentation.

3. High Sensitivity and
Wide Dynamic Range

4. SAM monoclonal antibodies have very high
to allow you to perform most of your research with just one vial.

In Summary, EagleBio’s SAM ELISA Assay and SAH ELISA Assay are unmistakably the best kits in the market
and they are the key to assessing the functionality of the methionine cycle.


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