The Neurobiology Assay Kit Line offered Eagle Biosciences provides a comprehensive array of robust tools to measure catecholamines and numerous neuroscience-related analytes. Our Catecholamine Sensitive Assays: Dopamine Sensitive ELISA, Noradrenaline Sensitive ELISA, Adrenaline Sensitive ELISA, Serotonin Sensitive ELISA, and Dopamine & Noradrenaline Sensitive ELISA are the most sensitive catecholamine assays worldwide. These assays also offer amazing flexibility by including an extraction plate and reagent set in each kit allowing for the use of a variety of sample types (serum, plasma, tissue, and other biological samples) and numerous different species. 

Eagle Biosciences is pleased to offer a new promotion for our Catecholamine Sensitive Assays through the end of October.

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