iLite Assay Ready Cells Product Spotlight

One of our supplier’s was recently featured in an editorial by Select Science! Svar Life Sciences has been working closely with Dr. Erik Tillman at Akero Therapeutics. Tillman and his team are developing a multi-modal drug that could help treat the drivers of non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), a severe form of non-alcoholic related fatty liver disease (NAFLD) that has increased risk for cardiovascular and liver related morbidity and mortality. Him and his team have been working with Svar to create custom iLite assay-ready cells for the cell-based assays that have become a key role in the work Tillman and his teammates perform daily.

“The assay-ready cells have been much more robust and the results have been more reproducible than other cell-based assays that we had tried to use or develop in the past,” says Tillman. “Using the assay-ready cells from Svar, we understand how the cells have been made and characterized, and we are confident in how the cells are going to perform from one vial to the next, and from one lot to the next. Svar’s expertise in the engineering of the cell system and our results thus far have given us the confidence to broaden our use of the assay-ready cells.”

Click here to read the full editorial about Dr. Tillman’s research and the role of Svar’s iLite assay-ready cells.

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