Dopamine Sensitive ELISA Assay Utilized in Recent Publication

The Eagle Bioscience’s High Sensitive CRP ELISA was utilized in a recent publication exploring risk factors for cardiometabolic disease in professional firefighters. Check out the full text and abstract below.


Objective: Firefighters are plagued with cardiometabolic disease (CMD). Obesity, poor cardiorespiratory and muscular fitness, and blood lipids (LDL-C, triglycerides, low HDL-C) are risk factors for CMD. However, markers of oxidative stress, inflammation and insulin resistance can provide further insight regarding CMD risk.

Methods: This study investigated the relationships between fitness metrics (cardiorespiratory and muscular fitness, percent body fat, waist circumference), blood lipids, blood pressure, and years of experience as a firefighter to blood markers of insulin resistance: (homeostatic model assessment for insulin resistance, HOMA-IR), oxidative stress: advanced oxidation protein products (AOPP) and inflammation: C-reactive protein (CRP).

Results: Waist circumference and blood concentrations of triglycerides were significantly related to AOPP and HOMA-IR. Cardiorespiratory fitness was inversely related to AOPP, HOMA-IR and CRP.

Conclusion: These findings demonstrate the importance of high cardiorespiratory fitness and low waist circumference to reduce markers of CMD.

McAllister, Matthew J., et al. “Risk Factors for Cardiometabolic Disease in Professional Firefighters.” Journal of Occupational & Environmental Medicine, Publish Ahead of Print, 2022,

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