GA-map Dysbiosis Test

Understanding the Microbiome with Pioneering Research at Genetic Analysis

Anita Jusnes and Christin Casén of Genetic Analysis AS were recently featured on Dr. Ruscio Radio! They discuss with Dr. Ruscio the GA-Map Dysbiosis Test Lx, the only research dysbiosis index for the gut. The conversation covers topics including but not limited to, how the test came to be, the methodology behind the results, how the test has been validated, and how it can be used to distinguish healthy controls from other samples.

Find the full episode and transcript here.

About the GA-map Dysbiosis Test

The human microbiome market is accelerating both in terms of evidence-based research and pharma products launched. The market’s need for a validated microbiome test is growing. Genetic Analysis AS is at the forefront of this development with the GA-map Dysbiosis Test. The unique, GA-map® Dysbiosis Test, detects and characterizes imbalance in the gut microbiota (dysbiosis) in human fecal samples. All pre-processing of the data is done by the GA-map® Dysbiosis Test analyze software. Reports are automatically generated on the dysbiosis index (DI) and the bacteria abundance. The DI can be customized to your needs. Based on a deviation from a normal reference population, a measure of bacteria abundances and deviations to the references are calculated. The results are presented in an easy to interpret report form, containing the 48 preselected bacteria markers.

Additionally, Genetic Analysis has developed a fecal COVID-19 test that is performed on the same GA-map platform and is an important research tool in the analysis of an individual’s COVID-19 status.

If you have any questions about the GA-map Dysbiosis Test Lx or any of our other offerings, contact us here.