Fecal Pills One Year Later: A Retrospective look at this Radical C.diff Treatment

A year ago we discussed the quest for new types of therapy for C. difficile infections and brought to light the radical new treatment with ingestion of stool.  Last year we shared the study’s objective to investigate whether delivering FMT orally through capsules designed to open upon reaching the small intestine would be just as effective as other more invasive treatments such as delivering frozen fecal material for FMT either by colonoscopy or nasogastric tube.

OpenBiome (the nonprofit stool bank and research platform sponsoring this research) has continued to build up their stool bank (consisting of paid donors’ samples) and has collaborated with clinicians, hospitals, and researchers. In the past year, they commenced a multi-center, cluster randomized study that investigates the efficacy and safety of using encapsulated stool for Fecal microbiota transplantation (FMT) in treating recurrent C. difficile. Treatment with a high dose after an initial nonresponse yielded an aggregate clinical cure rate of 94 percent… Read More


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