EagleBio’s Ultrasensitive Cortisol Saliva ELISA is a Valuable Tool in a Circadian Rhythmicity Study

An interesting study was just recently published in the Journal of Human Anatomy and Physiology Society utilizing EagleBio’s Ultrasensitive Cortisol Saliva ELISA.  Our Ultrasensitive Cortisol Saliva ELISA is part of our Steroid Assay Kit Line which offers an array of interesting and sensitive assays for different hormone analytes and research needs. Check the product page for full details on the kit or view the links below to find a new publication referencing our Ultrasensitive Cortisol Saliva ELISA.


An undergraduate physiology lab module was developed to enhance student understanding of the functions
of cortisol hormone, the circadian rhythm associated with cortisol release, proper ELISA technique, and
quantitative data analysis methods including linear regression and t-test assessment. Eagle Biosciences’ Ultrasensitive Cortisol Saliva ELISA was used to measure cortisol levels in the saliva of a cohort of students. Researchers concluded that human cortisol
levels are significantly different between morning
and evening as they clearly observed the very robust nature of fluctuating cortisol levels in circadian rhythm.

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