EagleBio’s Immunoaffinity Columns

Effective, Efficient Tools for Mycotoxin Contamination & Vitamin Analysis


Eagle Biosciences’ Immunology Assay Kit line  is a complete group of products comprised of a unique,versatile set of products for a variety of applications, research, and fields of study surrounding overall immunological health and immunological-related disorders.  Some of the most unique products in our Immunology Assay Kit Line are the  Immunoaffinity Columns which are effective and efficient tools for assessing and measuring mycotoxin contamination and providing vitamin analysis.  Individually, each of these columns: Fumonisin Immunoaffinity Column, Aflatoxin Immunoaffinity Column, Ochratoxin Immunoaffinity Column, Folic Acid Immunoaffinity Column, and Biotin Immunoaffinity Column offer a variety of advantages over other competing immunoaffinity columns such as ease of use and high-specificity. Collectively, this line offers researchers a column for every research need pertaining to food and feed analysis.

Why Measure Mycotoxins and Vitamins in Food and Feed?

Evaluation of food and feed through myotoxin and vitamin analysis is important for assessing its composition and contamination level for providing safety to those who consume them.

Mycotoxins are fungal toxins and occur either in the growth phase of plants, when storing food, and raw materials such as cereals and nuts, or they can enter the food chain as metabolites. High levels of mycotoxins can endanger humans and other vertebrates, thus continued testing should be done to ensure that these toxins remain at acceptable levels in the food.

Vitamin analysis in food also has a variety of purposes. In fact,  it is used to provide quality assurance
for supplemented products; to study changes in vitamin content attributable to
food processing, packing, and storage.  This type of analysis also helps to provide data for food composition tables and to check compliance with contract specifications and nutrient labeling regulation.

Key Advantages of EagleBio’s Immunoaffinity Columns line:

  • Excellent flow behavior
  • Incredible robustness
  • Exceptional specificity
  • High permeability with no increase pressure required
  • Ready-to-use columns in various sizes

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